Take quick notes. Send them anywhere.

Lightning fast note entry.

No distractions. No formatting. No folders and lists to click through. No long load screens.

Organize and trigger with quickly typed tags.

Simply prepend a word with #, @, or + to tag it. Tags can organize your notes or trigger automatic actions.

Setup note destinations based on tag rules.

Save your notes to the file system, to formatted CSV documents, or to Google Sheets. More destinations coming soon.

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Coming soon for Linux & Windows.

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Why Yet Another Note App (YANN)?

It seems that note apps are everywhere. They have specialized and optimized nearly every aspect of the note-taking process, from organization to note formatting to powerful wiki like capabilities. But none have made the process of entering quick, short notes painless and efficient.

Most of my notes are like this. Logging a movie I watched. Adding an item to the grocery list. Recording an insightful or funny quote. Saving a new idea.

Previously I would have to click through a hierarchical note structure in an app, waiting for what seemed like eternity for each level of notes to load, and then scroll through a long list to find the correct note. Or I would throw each note into an unwieldy text file that I might some day grind my way through and try to remember the context and date of when I logged each line.

This is what Regardlist fixes - the quick note entry. Simply open the app and start typing. No long load screens or deep folder structures. Use your own tagging structure to sort and organize notes by simply +adding your own #unique @tags.

Setup pipelines triggered by your tags to send notes to their final destination.

Regardlist isn't trying to replace your current note app. Rather, it's an efficient and improved process for note entry. It doesn't try to do everything, but it does 1 thing exceptionally well.

Pipeline Based Note Processing

Each note you enter gets submitted through all the pipelines you setup.

Pipelines have triggers that can be as simple or as complex as you need. Triggers are based on tags and can be setup using logical AND and OR. A pipeline can have multiple triggers, and notes can trigger multiple pipelines, allowing you to send notes to multiple destinations.

If your note triggers a pipeline it is then sent through a processor that can adapt and mutate the content of your note. It might remove tags that were only meant for triggering, or automatically insert the date and other meta data.

The processed result is then passed to the outlet assigned to the pipeline. Current outlets include

  • text file
  • CSV file
  • Google Sheets

Outlets can optionally enforce very basic formatting requirements. More powerful validation will be coming in future updates.

Download Regardlist

Coming soon for Linux & Windows.